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Travel Incentives & Prizes: What makes them so effective…


In this piece we talk about why travel incentives and prizes are good for consumer facing, and trade incentives – we hope you find it useful.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or if you need advice.


For many years the thrill of travelling has captured the imagination.  From exploring South America to a more simple beach break, people aspire to travel.  For some, that one week away to warmer climes is the culmination of 51 weeks of saving, for others travel is a more frequent affair with city breaks dotted throughout the year, a break to the slopes in the winter and a summer holiday mid way through.  Regardless of how much people are able to travel, the thirst for a break away will always be there and with a travel prize or incentive you can tap into that part of our psyche.


For the majority, some of our earliest, and fondest memories are from family holidays.  As a promoter or employer you can give your audience or employees a reward that will create these memories for a lifetime.  Time with the family, a break away with colleagues or a once in a lifetime adventure aren’t quickly forgotten like vouchers or cash.  If you’re an employer you can also consider the benefits that employees may feel from a bit of R&R away from the workplace.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all lend themselves brilliantly to prize winning, prize enjoyment and prize follow up.  The majority of winners are happy to appear on social media, which really helps a brand bring an activity to life.  It also provides credibility and can be a powerful way of engaging consumers with a multi win activity, or loyalty drive run over a period of time – there’s nothing better than thinking it could be you next time.  It’s also great for all the ‘thank you’s’ and testimonials you’re likely to receive.

The same applies for trade and staff incentives.  Most employees will be involved with their employers social media pages, and if you have an extranet site, seeing a colleague having the time of their life can really motivate others.


Whether your audience is 18 or 80, the majority love to get away.  How that looks can be tailored specifically to your audience, budget, brand and / or incentive theme.  So whether you need DJ lessons in Ibiza, a wine tasting trip in the Napa Valley or a simple (yet effective) theatre break to London, you know your audience will love it.


Travel prizes and incentives come in all shapes and sizes.  Extraordinary “strap lines” can be created with lower budgets than you may expect due to our knowledge, experience and supplier relationships.  Not every prize needs to be to the other side of the world, UK breaks are hugely appealing and much lower in cost.  Content is key, and the key to content is ensuring that what you include is all inclusive and feels like something you may not treat yourself to regularly, but would love to do.


Without sounding like the voice of doom, over the next two or three years, it’s likely that people may start tightening their belts.  As a brand or employer, your choice of reward becomes all the more important.  If your audience or employees are starting to miss out on their annual holiday, or birthday weekend away, offering this as a prize or incentive becomes an incredibly powerful tool.  Don’t forget that with this type of reward you’re also giving people the feel good factor which they may be in desperate need of!

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