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Say hello to Gemma…

Gemma joined the team back in June, she’s worked in travel for years and is a real expert on Asia and Australia.  Find out more below:

What got you into the travel industry? I fell into the industry completely by accident. I always had an interest in foreign places, different cultures and traditions and it was purely by chance that a friend introduced me to the industry. You have to love what you do to be incentivised by travel is a reason to get out of bed in the morning. This is probably the only industry where you spend your days making other peoples dreams come true. Coming into the industry I was drawn to the far east and this has stayed my speciality ever since.

What are your areas of expertise? Far East and Australia are probably the most well-known destinations. It’s a little bit of a Joke with my family that I could tell you how long it would take to get you from different remote areas in Sri Lanka but I have no clue where Coventry is. I hold my hands up its probably true.

Favourite place and why? My Favourite place has to be Vietnam. It’s a wonderful diverse place and a place I would recommend for anyone. Great food, history, beaches and the people have to be the friendliest you could meet. You can build a package to visit Vietnam to include absolutely everything. Also Cambodia is a short flight away with beautiful beaches and so much history there is always something to see.

Most memorable travelling moment? I visited India with a friend a few years ago now. We travelled to the Rajasthan region first and then flew down to Kerela in the South. In the north it was such a busy, hectic place with colourful hotels and such a rich beautiful history.  When we flew down to Kerela we experienced a stay on a houseboat on the Keralan backwaters. Visiting Kerela you wouldn’t believe it’s the same country. Such a vast difference in food and the pace of life.

If you would like a proposal or simply want some advice on her area of expertise, drop Gemma a line on