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Say hello to Dawn…

We are delighted to have Dawn Dean on board.  She joined the ever growing Cloud Nine team at the start of June, and will create wonderful holiday prizes and travel incentives.  Dawn has over 10 years experience in our rather niche industry which is invaluable to clients.  She has worked across campaigns used in various sectors including promotional marketing, PR, press and film.


What first enticed you into the travel industry?

I never really went abroad much as a child which made me fascinated by the world of planes, holidays and exotic places. I had made a list of the top 10 places I wanted to visit by the age of 16 but didn’t really know much about how to get there or what to see. After a trip to the travel agent I decided that this world was for me! I only have one of the ten left to visit…….

What are your areas of expertise?

I love creating proposals for film and television, there’s an air of excitement about them and it’s a chance to do something a bit different. I am also a bit of a history nerd, so anything related to history always interests me too. On a personal note I have a soft spot for American cities, in particular Las Vegas, San Francisco and Miami. My three favourite holidays I have ever been on are Australia, Mexico and the Maldives – all different but all amazing.

Favourite place and why?

The Maldives, the closest to paradise I think you can get!

Most memorable travelling moment?

Diving off the barrier reef from Cairns, Australia.

To get in touch with Dawn email or call the office on 0845 121 4765.