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Prize Fulfilment – Let us love your winners

We have a team that spend the majority of their day getting in touch with competition and incentive winners.  It’s a real perk of the job , and the department that the majority want to work in – talking to happy people all day long.

People’s reactions are strange, sometimes it’s the winners that have won the smaller prizes i.e. a cook book or a gadget that are over the moon, and the lucky winners who win the BIG one’s (i.e. a trip to Australia or a new car) that are a little more reserved, maybe people are a little suspicious or it just takes a little longer to become real.

We obviously don’t take people’s reactions personally, but these reactions really highlight how important good prize fulfilment is.  That initial phone call or email has to be impeccable to ensure that the brand experience is continued from the moment we are entrusted with a client’s customer or employee.  As a company we take pride in pick and pack logistics also the level of service we offer, it may sound corny, but we want to be part of that winning experience.  We understand that every brand and prize winner are different and that’s why we tailor everything that we do to ensure our service levels are just right.