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Our fave hotels – Number five – Vicky

Next up – Vicky.  Vicky’s been in the industry for over 15 years and is Director of Operations. Her vast experience is unrivalled, so take a look at her top tips below.

  • What’s your favourite hotel? – Treetops

  • Where is it? – Aberdare National Park, Kenya

  • What do you love about this hotel? – The lodge is located right in front of a natural watering hole which means you’re almost closer enough to touch animals (although we don’t recommend that!!) such as Elephants, Buffalo, Leopard and the rare Black Rhino. Also because of its history; it rose to fame after the then Princess Elizabeth ascended the British throne, after King George VI died.

  • What kind of incentive would it be perfect for? – Due to its size it is perfect for a small group that would like to host an event in a unique location. It is also great for anyone who really wants to get close to wildlife and tick off 4 of the big 5. It can be booked for one or two nights and can also be incorporated as part of a larger safari itinerary, so the flexibility it offers is superb.

  • If you’ve stayed here, give us your top tip: Make sure that you set the buzzer in the room!! The buzzer will then ring during the night when any animals are close ensuring that you get another perfect sighting in the comfort of your room.