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Business or first (or neither?), that is the question…

Whilst we would all love to travel Business or First Class, that isn’t always feasible – mainly because it can cost a small fortune (although we can of course get some great deals).

We often get asked to include these options when providing proposals and we have mixed feelings on it.  We feel that it really depends on what the incentive or reward is and how it’s being promoted i.e. consumer prize or trade incentive.

Consumer Incentives – for example if you are offering a luxury trip to New York as a prize, but don’t actually have the space on pack to shout about the flight element of the package, then we believe that’s it probably wise to save your budget or allocate this to something you do have space to shout about – at the end of the day you want return on investment.  Obviously if you are going to take advantage of our winner management service and get some great sound bytes and images for social media, then actually, it may well be worth the extra money.  Nothing looks better than a deliriously happy couple sipping a glass of champagne in Business or First class – we’ve all looked enviously at the images on Instagram, and they can be very engaging.

Having said the above, as with all prizes and incentives, it’s imperative to ensure that whatever you offer is appealing and aspirational to the people you’re communicating with.  So if you have a high end brand, Business and First Class may be the norm.

Trade Incentives – the other angle is based on a trade incentive where you are engaging staff members.  We feel that if you do have the budget then this is the time to use it.  This type of activity lends itself brilliantly to internal self promotion and whilst a lovely trip away is always perfect, for high achievers Business or First really are the cherry on the top of the travel cake.  You can shout about this to you hearts content, your team will be busy chatting about it before, during and long after the incentive is over.

If you are unsure, get in touch and we can provide you with options that will help you make the right decision. Telephone the team on 0845 121 4765 or email

And to make us all green with envy take a look at the best airline cabins for first and business courtesy of the The Telegraph.