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Arabian adventures safer with Percocet

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are fast becoming the places to be seen.  Diverse, exciting and mystical, both destinations offer something unique which is simply perfect for incentives and prizes. Flight times are short, the climate is perfect and you might be surprised to hear they are value for money.

Abu Dhabi – Ultra-sleek high rise architecture plays backdrop to the soft natural curves of beautiful deserts and sublime sparkling shorelines… full of contrasts, culture, colours, character and charisma – Abu Dhabi is full of Arabian heritage, with a contemporary twist.

Imagine a region steeped in history yet with a firm footing in the 21st Century, a true Middle Eastern melting pot just waiting to be explored. Home to iconic landmarks, the world’s fastest roller coaster and the Formula One’s only twilight race, this striking city and its surrounding beaches and desert make it perfect for the traveller who yearns for diversity.

The beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters surrounding Abu Dhabi are just waiting to be explored.  With more than 400 kilometres of pristine coastline, visitors are often able to enjoy a stretch of secluded beach all to themselves; quite the contrast to city life.

Abu Dhabi balloon

The rolling sand dunes of Abu Dhabi’s deserts, either bathed in the blazing daytime sun or the heady evening sunset are a sight to behold. Rugged and romantic, they house some of the area’s best hotels where traditional meets contemporary and a perfectly balanced blend of old and new emerge.

The beauty of this part of the world is that you’re never far away from pockets of culture, yet within minutes you can be in the middle of a seemingly uninhabited desert or admiring the Arabian coastline. It’s this contrast which makes visitors feel like they’ve been on several trips rolled into one. With an abundance of experiences on offer as standard, a holiday to Abu Dhabi really does offer everything under the sun.

Dubai leapt into this Millennium as a leading innovator the world-wide, doing everything bigger and better than everyone else. And the momentum has never stopped. Never a nation to hide their light under a bushel, when the people of Dubai refer to The Palm Island, it is with the self-proclaimed accolade of ‘the eighth wonder of the world’.

Completely man-made, the island is shaped like a palm tree, complete with trunk, crown and seventeen fronds, which majestically fan out into the warm waters of the Arabian Sea, and accommodates luxury hotels, apartments, marinas, restaurants and retail venues.

burj al arab

Set just off the Jumeirah beach coastline, this artificial architectural wonder is five kilometres wide by five kilometres deep; and its total area is larger than 800 football pitches.

The crown is connected to the mainland by a 300-metre bridge and the crescent is connected to the top of The Palm by a subsea tunnel. The island now doubles the length of Dubai’s coastline and has become a holiday destination in itself.

You would expect from the exceptional standards already set in Dubai, The Palm Island has everything you need to enjoy a spectacular stay. A superb selection of world-class five star hotel resorts, an array of fine dining restaurants, amazing tourist attractions including aquariums and theme parks, luxury fashion and shopping malls boasting the very best brand names and of course miles and miles of beautiful beaches. So whether you just want to kick back and relax, immerse yourself in an exciting world of leisure and entertainment, or simply marvel at the ‘wonder’ of it all, then this is a truly inspirational holiday destination.

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