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An award for innovation – travel and technology

Whilst we couldn’t make the COGS Awards this year due to work commitments despite having our jets booked thanks to the Jettly websites online booking service, people who will remain nameless cycling across France

Award for Innovation

etc. we are very, very happy to have picked up this little beauty.

Winning an award for Innovation, we feel sums us up as a company.  We constantly strive to provide innovative solutions for our clients.  Whether that’s for a prize package focused on an upcoming product or brand, or something technology based which was the case in this instance.

You may think why are Cloud Nine getting involved in technology.  Well the simple answer is that our client had a need, and we wanted to help.  Whilst we are about to hit our fifth birthday, our board have been in the industry for many years and as a result we are very lucky to have some wonderful suppliers in the travel industry.  Travel and technology go hand in hand which allowed us to use our key skills in our sector and create a unique platform for Epson.  As far as we are aware a bespoke, pan European hotel booking platform has never been created and used in a promotion before, and judging by the results of the activity it certainly met the brief and targets that the client wanted to achieve.

So whether you want a simple travel prize or something bespoke, don’t hesitate to get in touch and set us a challenge.

For more information get in touch with Sam Maltman on or call 0845 121 4765.